Thermal Imaging

Fast, reliable and reduce the cross infection

Thermal Screening
Fever Detection

Thermal images, or thermograms, are actually visual displays of the amount of infrared energy emitted, transmitted, and reflected by an object. Because there are multiple sources of the infrared energy, it is difficult to get an accurate temperature of an object using this method. A thermal imaging camera is capable of performing algorithms to interpret that data and build an image.
Although the image shows the viewer an approximation of the temperature at which the object is operating, the camera is actually using multiple sources of data based on the areas surrounding the object to determine that value rather than detecting the actual temperature.
With build in the advanced AI technology to work with this thermal screening system, it is not only able to detect the high fever, but also to tracking person who had high fever and tracing the close contact with powerful filter function.

Application Scenario

There are lots place we can use the thermal screening system to detect the high fever 

school, class-room, tuition centre.

shopping mall, company and firm

restaurant, food court, tour centre

building, lobby, office and plant

train station, airport & cruise terminal

cruise ship, river ship and ferry

Product & Solution

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Technical advantages

Face recognition accuracy rage >99%
Fast processing speed: 12 photo per second
Photo storage capacity up to 300,000
Temperature measurement deviation ±0.3°C
AI search, personal tracking and close contact tracing

Traffic flow

Thermal screening system structure

Technical advantages

  • Face recognition accuracy rate >99%
  • Fast processing speed 12 photo/per second
  • Temperature measurement deviation ±0.3°C
  • Temperature history record tracking
  • Close contact personal tracing
  • Powerful AI search, by photo, by time & by location
  • Alarm trigger configuration by email or sms
  • Central database management with multiple terminal
  • Walk through without public awareness
  • Open API connection/integration with third party system
  • Photo storage capacity up to 300,000
  • No direct contact with each other, reduce cross infection
  • Small size, easy deployment but robust performance
  • Support TCP/IP with wire or wireless connection
  • Multiple user access privileges, protect confidential data
  • Separate groups like employee, visitors, VIPs and others
  • Analytic tools to help medical department making decision
  • Cloud server to enable mobile deployment much easier.

Recent Project

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Our customer say

Thank you very much for your good solution to help us resolved a big issue. Without interact with colleague, twice a day temperature measurement can be done in a quick and reliable way. AI search made close contact tracing much easier.
It is a good solution for us with more than one hundred employees, with the thermal screening system being deployed at each entry of our company, saved our manpower and reduced the cross infection.

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